Recent work

Here is Anna Montlake's work

It began with Aunt Gladys. Born in 1900, the flower of the men of her generation died as youths in mindless slaughter. She lived on as a school teacher and a spinster. I began to draw her in the mid-1980’s, learning from the experience that fine human beings grow old with grace and dignity.

From this I moved on in 1992 to studies of residents in care at the Maison de Retraite in Lambesc, Provence. Encouraged by the home’s attentive staff, I have been absorbed since then in drawing residents. They have an average age of about 90, unlike other models, unless I catch them sleeping, they are never still. These residents live in a contented world of their own, in their sun drenched rooms and courtyards. I try to record what their lives have etched in their hands and faces without flattery.

Many of my models have since died. I reflect their serenity although many show a lively interest in their confined environment and in those who care for them. I have tried to record aging with honesty and compassion. These studies might be of interest or value to people or organisations concerned for any reason with our growing senior population.

From there my work has moved on to a variety of subjects and mediums. Oils, water colours and etchings with an emphasis on life studies including a background. A collection was exhibited in Aix en Provence in 2012 and was well received.

The paintings can be bought with or without frames. I have a skilled framer and can offer a good value frame if that is wanted.

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